Obama Plays Make Believe With America

Mr. Obama Is Messing With Your Head Since most Americans don’t seem to know the difference between the liberalism and capitalism, politicians can play make-believe. Mr. Obama and his Democrat cronies in Congress have convinced the American people that liberalism works and capitalism is a failure, even though the exact opposite is true. Do you […]

Government Keeps Taking|Americans Keep Giving

Bye-Bye American Freedom The American government has been allowed to over reach its authority with the full approval of the American people. Too many Americans have given the government permission to insert micro-chips into their heads. How else can you explain the fact that more Americans than not believe the government is the answer for […]

Can You Spell Oppression?

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To America? Voters Choice The future of America is at stake. The tragedy is that American voters really do not understand this. Most Americans do not know what life without free choice is like. They have no idea what oppression means. They do not know what loss of freedom […]

Americans Can Still Decide, Right?

courtesy of citizens4freedom

 You Decide, Which One Represents You? Americans can still make their own decisions. The government has not removed all common sense, has it? Is America a country that offers freedom or oppression? The answer is not that hard. If America is such an awful country why are more citizens from other countries trying to get […]

Thank You American Veterans

Freedom Is Not Free Thank Our Veterans Have Americans forgotten that military men and women are wounded every day and some die so that they can live in a free country?   Do Americans truly appreciate the hardships and sacrifices our veterans have endured to ensure our freedom?    These brave men and women did not […]

Do Americans Have No Shame?

Americans Are Out Of Touch The American people should be embarrassed that the world can now see how far we have sunk as a nation.   We have tent people who are clueless, voters who think entitlement are their God-given rights and unions who want socialism to replace capitalism. Lack of Education The liberals have run […]

Your President|Way Out Of Touch

Hello America, Your President Needs A Reality Check Do Americans realize how far gone Mr Obama is?   He is way out of touch…He thinks America is in better shape now than before he took office.  Wow, what’s he smoking? If he means that American freedom is in shambles, we’re slaves to the federal government and […]

Change Keeps Coming To America|We’re Hitting The Highs

Hope? And Change! America Is Hitting The Highs Americans thought Mr Obama would be delivering lots of  hope; but they haven’t seen much of that.  Instead Mr Obama is helping America to hit plenty of highs. Highest unemployment. Highest taxes. Highest national debt ever in our history as a nation. Highest costing health care package […]

Let Me Be Clear, America Cannot Survive While The Left Is Running Things

Bye-Bye America Wake up Americans, the America you know and love cannot survive under our current left-winged leadership.   The liberal politicians currently in the White House and Congress are intently focused on destroying your country.   Are you doing anything about it? Think about it, if the President and Mr Harry Reid, two powerful leaders in […]

Freedom Makes America The Best Darn Country In The World

Americans Take Freedom For Granted Does Freedom Matter To Americans Anymore? Freedom seems to mean very little to Americans.  They do not seem to care about saving their country or their freedom.   Do Americans not understand that once they lose their freedom it’s too late, they will not get it back??  Do Americans even understand […]

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