Everything Is OK, Big Government Will Take Care Of Us

What’s Wrong With Big Government Taking Care Of Us? If left unchecked big government gains a momentum of its own. It’s overreach becomes oppressive. It grows to the point where too much power ends up in the hands of a few. These select few take it upon themselves to seize absolute power. This power gives them authority […]

America Cannot Have Hope, Change and Freedom Too


Are Freedom Loving Americans Tired Of Obama’s Hope, Change?  Mr. Obama did not promise hope, change and also freedom. Americans asked for hope and change and change is exactly what was delivered to America by Mr. Obama. Now stop whining about loss of freedom. You did not do your homework on candidate Obama when he ran for president the […]

American Media Weakens American Freedom

Media in love with Obama

American Freedom Not Supported By Main Street Media photo holycoast There has to be a reason why the main street media continually reports Mr. Obama’s propaganda and lies instead of the truth. The media is either in love with Mr. Obama or afraid of him. Most Americans understand that main street media is made up of weak individuals who would […]

Restore American Freedom, Erase Financial Slavery

Mr. Obama Has Put America Into Financial Slavery Over the top government spending and fraudulent tax codes enslaves Americans. We the people are slaves to the government. The way to achieve financial freedom again is to stop the government from taking advantage of tax payers’ money and to clean up the tax code. Freedom Comes […]

Do You Think Government Bureaucrats Have Too Much Freedom?

Funny cartoon about political abuse of freedom

Government Bureaucrats Continue To Abuse Freedom The dictionary says that freedom is “the power to determine action without restraint”. If you haven’t noticed maybe you need to pay more attention because that is exactly what government bureaucrats in America are doing with their political power.Government bureaucrats seem to think they have the freedom to do whatever […]

Obamacare Abolishes Our Constitution


After November, Kiss Constitution Bye, Bye Entire Obamacare Package Will Be A Mandate If Americans re-elect a president who tramples our constitutional rights in an election year they really do not get it. If Mr. Obama is left to rule America without the pressures of re-election, before long the Constitution will be obsolete. If re-elected […]

Obamacare HHS Mandate Is All About Your Freedom

courtesy of catholicvote

Americans Must Stop Believing Media Spin The HHS Mandate is not about contraceptives like Mr. Obama, Democrat leaders and the media would have you believe. It’s all about the government taking away your freedom. The only way the left-wingers can get you to bite off on that Obamacare mandate is to isolate the Catholics and […]

Save America|Defeat Obama

Turn America Around What’s the 2012 election really about? Unfortunately it’s become a popularity contest and it’s not about that at all. This November’s election is about defeating the worst president this nation has had since President Carter. The future of America is at stake. We have a chance to rebound but only if Mr. […]

Obama Must Be Stoppped

You Have The Power To Stop Obama Connect The Dots America If you take the time to review Mr. Obama’s work over his term as president you will see that he does not have the same beliefs as you do. Do  you want a president who has beliefs that are the opposite of yours? He […]

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