Let’s Make Mr Obama A One-Termer

America Needs Change

The change we need after 3 years of Mr Obama as President is no more Mr Obama as President.   America would see many good changes with Mr Obama out of office.  So let’s work together as a nation to vote a new president into Washington DC out in 2012.   We the people have the power to change the direction of our country, let’s not pass up that opportunity.

We owe it to ourselves to get a President in the White House who cares about us and our country.   Americans deserve a President who is not out to destroy America.   We have lost our country, we need to take it back.

Obama Care Repealed

Obama Health Care should have never, ever been passed into law.  It is unconstitutional and should be repealed.   America has the best health care system in the entire world; why would it need to be changed?  Political power is the reason why Mr Obama worked so hard to get Obamacare passed, period!!!

Americans will be in for the biggest shock of their lives when they start getting denied health coverage, have health care rationed and have their taxes raised beyond reason just to pay for Obamacare.

A Stop To National Debt

Stop the run away spending.  We cannot as a nation continue to spend beyond our means.   When we the people spend beyond our means we go into bankruptcy, we lose our homes to foreclosure, we lose everything, even our dignity.   But when Mr Obama and his cronies in Washington DC allow the government to live beyond it’s means, they lose nothing.   That kind of leadership (or lack of) has to stop.   And it will only stop when we vote Mr Obama out of the White House.

If Americans are serious about life before Mr Obama, Mr Obama needs to be fired.   We need to use our vote to do that…at least we still have the power to vote (unless that gets taken away also between today and the 2012 elections).

Create Jobs|Not Speeches

Tired of speeches, the rhetoric and the excuses from Washington DC?   Want unemployment to decrease vs increase or stay stagnant?   Mr Obama has told us that we just need to accept the high unemployment because it will continue to remain in the double digits.   America, you have the power to turn around the attitude about unemployment in this country.  In November of 2012….vote a new President into the Oval office…then we can work on job creation.

God Bless America, and continue to make her free.

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