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presidential veto

Presidential Veto Powers

How A Presidential Veto Works When a president issues a veto he is basically rejecting a bill passed by the House and Senate. The process for a bill to become a law is not a complicated process, our Founding Fathers believed in simplicity. Unfortunately … [Read More...]

insurance premium

Obamacare Insurance Premium

Obamacare Insurance Premium Big Shock Obamacare insurance premium keeps shocking American voters...hmm, could that be due to the lies Americans were told about Obama care insurance premiums being less? The goons in Congress who signed Obama care health insurance … [Read More...]

Big Government


Democrats Continue To Play Our Emotions

Democrats Never Change Same Old Playbook For Democrats When will Americans get tired of Democrats? When will we grow weary and tired of their same old shenanigans? When will we get it? They tug at our emotions and we fall for it every time. But why? Are we easy … [Read More...]

Obama Care

Obamacare Repeal Measure

Is There An Obamacare Repeal Measure Proposed? There are many an Obamacare repeal measure, but who really wants to repeal Obamacare? Politicians don’t, they love the control they obtain and that we lose under Obamacare. For that reason alone, every American citizen (intelligent and low-information) should demand that the Obamacare law be repealed. Why? After 5 years […]

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Your Freedom

Rand Paul

Who Is Rand Paul?

Will Rand Paul Be Different? Senator Rand Paul is one of two Kentucky Senators who have Republican values (Mitch McConnell being the other Republican Senator from Kentucky). Unless you closely follow politics or live in Kentucky you may not know too much about … [Read More...]

114th Congress

Will The 114th Congress Do Right By America?

The 114th Congress Better Do Right Can Americans trust the 114th Congress to do the right thing for our country? The American voters fired the current Senators a few months ago in the mid-term elections out of anger, frustration and contempt for how badly they … [Read More...]

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