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end of american dream

End Of American Dream Draws Near

Is It The End Of American Dream For Middle Class? Thanks To Obama & Company, The American Dream Is Dead What will it take for Americans to wake up to the reality that the Obama administration has taken some extreme measures to end the American dream? If you … [Read More...]


Obamacare Is About Power, Are You Ready?

Obamacare Was Never About Your Health Can You Handle The Truth? If you have believed the Democrats and the main street media that the real purpose of Obamacare is you and your health, you lack common sense and have been suckered. The purpose of Obamacare has … [Read More...]

Big Government

washington elite

Washington Elite Vs American People

Look Out Washington Elite Are The American People Fed Up With Washington Elite Yet? Have the American people reached their breaking point yet? Day after day we keep getting pushed around by the Washington elite and do nothing. When will we start to push back? … [Read More...]

Obama Care


Thank You Fellow Americans For Obamacare

We’re Stuck With Obamacare Here’s a special thanks to all of those American voters who elected Mr. Obama (twice). Thanks to your votes we are now stuck with Obamacare. Hope you’re happy. Oh, and don’t deny voting for Mr. Obama, you know you did (no one is admitting voting for him and yet he won two […]

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Your Freedom

Rand Paul

Who Is Rand Paul?

Will Rand Paul Be Different? Senator Rand Paul is one of two Kentucky Senators who have Republican values (Mitch McConnell being the other Republican Senator from Kentucky). Unless you closely follow politics or live in Kentucky you may not know too much about … [Read More...]

114th Congress

Will The 114th Congress Do Right By America?

The 114th Congress Better Do Right Can Americans trust the 114th Congress to do the right thing for our country? The American voters fired the current Senators a few months ago in the mid-term elections out of anger, frustration and contempt for how badly they … [Read More...]

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