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legislative powers

Does Obama Have Legislative Powers?

Who Has Legislative Powers? Congress Has Legislative Powers, Period Obama does not have legislative powers; when will Congress and the American people start understanding that. When Obama takes it upon himself to exert legislative powers he is stretching his … [Read More...]

obama second term

Obama Second Term, Oh My

Here We Go, Obama Second Term The Barack Obama presidency is such a disappointment; mainly for those individuals who thought that he was the messiah and would solve all of our nation's problems. Instead, Obama has created problems, just look at his approval … [Read More...]

Big Government

American elections

American Elections Don’t Count Anymore

American Elections Have Become Meaningless Out With American Elections, In With Dictatorship Why do we even have American elections anymore? The politicians we elect don't represent what we vote for anyway, so why do we bother to have elections? The American … [Read More...]

Obama Care

individual mandate

The Obamacare Individual Mandate And You

The Obamacare Individual Mandate Is Mandatory How Does Obamacare Work? If Americans haven’t figured out by now what the individual mandate means or how the Obamacare fines will work, they sure will come January 2014 when Obamacare goes into full effect. Ignorance of health law or difficulty understanding mandatory cannot be used as an excuse […]

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Your Freedom

Rand Paul

Who Is Rand Paul?

Will Rand Paul Be Different? Senator Rand Paul is one of two Kentucky Senators who have Republican values (Mitch McConnell being the other Republican Senator from Kentucky). Unless you closely follow politics or live in Kentucky you may not know too much about … [Read More...]

114th Congress

Will The 114th Congress Do Right By America?

The 114th Congress Better Do Right Can Americans trust the 114th Congress to do the right thing for our country? The American voters fired the current Senators a few months ago in the mid-term elections out of anger, frustration and contempt for how badly they … [Read More...]

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